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Meridian system remote
The Meridian System Remote (MSR) is ideal for controlling any configuration of Meridian 500 Series products, including 500 Series compatible Meridian digital loudspeakers.

Control method: Infra-red
Coding system: RC5
Number of keys: 44
Battery type: PP3
Battery life: 6 months

Internally configurable to control the 200 & 600 range.

The Meridian System Remote (MSR4) has additional buttons (48) to control the 596 DVD player etc.

Note the difference in button labels and colours with the photographs of the MRS4

Internally they are labelled MSR 1, 2, 3 or 4
MRS4 User manual (748.5kb)
MSR User manual (879.1kb)
MSR.2 RC5 Codes (9.1kb)
MSR.4 RC5 Codes (12.3kb)
Photos (view all)
MSR Remote (27.8kb)
MSR Remote; Circuit board (246.9kb)
MSR Remote; Components (427.5kb)
MSR Remote; Interior (298.3kb)
MSR Remote; Interior top (262.4kb)
MSR Remote; large (193.7kb)
MSR Remote; Three quarter front (101.4kb)
MSR2 (79.5kb)
MSR2; Interior (86.2kb)
MSR2; Interior (2) (97.0kb)
MSR2; Interior (3) (94.6kb)
MSR3 (118.1kb)
MSR4 (white button) (88.7kb)
MSR4 Large view (174.1kb)
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