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Listed in 1998 brochure, never made production
Video inputs
7 Composite video
7 S-video

Option Component adds:
3 Component in
1 Component out

Option Euro adds:
2 SCART in
2 SCART out (main and tape)

Video outputs
3 independent composite out (main, tape and 2-room)
3 independent S-video out (main, tape and 2-room)

Video processing
S to composite conversion
Options for:
Composite to S conversion
NTSC or PAL encode/decode to and from Component or RGB
Picture adjustment

Controls and Display
Front panel controls for: Source, Copy, Display, Menus and Off. Other features accessed using a Meridian System Remote (not supplied).
8-character dot-matrix display.

Flash memory for easy updates
RS232 for computer control, setup and software updates
2 Trigger outputs
Provisional Datasheet (Jan 1998) (165.0kb)
Provisional Ds 565.2, 581 & 562.2 Dec 98 (920.9kb)
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