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CD/DVD/DVD-Audio Transport (6 versions available)
598DC - MHR Smartlink, Standard component BNC

598DP - MHR Smartlink, Progressive component BNC

598DS - MHR Smartlink, Scart output

598AC - 6-channel analogue, Standard component BNC

598AP - 6-channel analogue, Progressive component BNC

598AS - 6-channel analogue, Scart output

Easily upgradable to include a SDI digital video output, even has the hole in the rear

See 568 for review

See 568 for MHR Information
598 User manual (1,205.2kb)
598 Datasheet (298.7kb)
598 Datasheet 15-08-2002 (German) (363.6kb)
598 v2 FAQ (169.2kb)
News item; Hi Fi News Sept 2002 (155.0kb)
Photos (view all)
598 Front three-quarter view (66.4kb)
598 Front view (108.7kb)
598AP Rear view (37.6kb)
598AS Rear view (96.9kb)
598DC Rear view (106.8kb)
598DP & 598AP Rear views (128.8kb)
598DP Inside full (660.9kb)
598DP Inside full with SDI (555.6kb)
598DP Outputs (180.1kb)
598DP Rear view (144.2kb)
598DP; Underside (130.3kb)
598DS Rear view (100.0kb)
598DS; Underside view (215.1kb)
568.2mm & 598DP July 2003 (link)
598 & 568.2; Home Entertainment Feb 2003 (link)
AV Revolution May 2003 (link)
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