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ROM drive based for precise recovery of data, Multiple buffer stages to give astonishingly low jitter. Error correction ten times more effective using ROM system
588 User manual (4,621.9kb)
588 Datasheet (119.6kb)
588 Datasheet (German) (339.0kb)
Advertisement; Hi Fi News Sept 2001 (267.1kb)
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588 CD player (26.7kb)
588 Front view; large (184.8kb)
588 Inside (with ultramods) (110.8kb)
588 Interior view (1) (311.6kb)
588 Interior view (2) (336.6kb)
588 Interior view (3) (376.4kb)
588 Rear view (80.0kb)
588 Rear view (large) (113.2kb)
588 Advert - Oct 2001 (665.3kb)
588 Review (Gramophone - Sept 2001) (1,679.8kb)
588 Review 2002 (French) (1,541.6kb)
588.24 Review June 2002 (351.1kb)
Positive Feedback.com Issue 25 (link)
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