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Digital Surround Sound Processor
568 - 2x analogue, 4x coxial & 1x toslink optical inputs, 8 channel MHR output for DSP Speakers, 3 balanced outputs for main channels.

568.2 - 24bit/96Khz up-sampling on all channels

568.2mm - Added a MHR Input

568 QRG Computer setup (13.4kb)
568 QRG Front panel controls (3.9kb)
568 QRG Front panel setup (14.4kb)
568 User manual (1,576.9kb)
568.2 User manual (1,067.0kb)
568 & 562V.2 FAQ (295.3kb)
568 Datasheet (250.0kb)
568 Diagnostic Displays (8.6kb)
568 RS232 Interface v1.5 (15.6kb)
568 Surround Controller Update (996.2kb)
568.2 Datasheet (331.8kb)
568.2 Datasheet 14-08-2002 (German) (1,040.4kb)
568.2mm MHR Information (19.8kb)
861v2.7, 561v1.7, 568v1.5 Addendum Sheet (21.5kb)
Instructions Processor upgrade, Feb 2001 (26.9kb)
Meridian 568v2.5 upgrade v1 05-05-2004 (81.0kb)
News item; 568-562 Hi Fi News Feb 2000 (134.3kb)
Tech. NoteTN13; 568 board identification (307.8kb)
V4 Presets for 861v4, G68 and 568v2.5 (84.9kb)
Photos (view all)
568.2mm Front (51.0kb)
568.2mm Inputs (270.0kb)
568.2mm Inside DAC board (476.6kb)
568.2mm Inside full (667.1kb)
568.2mm Rear view (56.6kb)
568.2mm Rear view (large) (179.2kb)
568; Front view (285.0kb)
568; Internal view (668.2kb)
568; Internal view (2) (693.5kb)
568; Internal view (3) (577.8kb)
568; Internal view (4) (112.4kb)
568; Rear view (269.5kb)
568; Three quarter front view (323.7kb)
568; Underside (515.2kb)
568 Review Widescreen Review May 2003 (309.1kb)
568.2mm & 598DP Review July 2003 (link)
598 & 568.2; Home Entertainment Feb 2003 (link)
Meridian 568 Review December, 2001 (link)
Meridian 568.2 Review September 2003 (link)
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