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16bit DAC with 3x coaxial & 1x toslink optical inputs (No remote or comms connection)
Dual differential delta sigma, 64 times oversampled at 2 bits per channel giving 19 bits resolution.

3x Digital audio unbalanced
1x AES/EBU balanced via XLR
1x Toslink optical

Both unbalanced and balanced outputs.

Was factory upgradable to 24bit (All they do is replaced the motherboard internally with a 566.24 and remove the comms connectors from the board)
563 User Manual (7,494.6kb)
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563 Front (15.5kb)
563 Inside (74.8kb)
563 Inside (close up) (144.2kb)
563 Inside front panel (213.7kb)
563 Rear panel (39.9kb)
563 Rear view (80.6kb)
563 Three-quarter front view (114.4kb)
500 563 Review - Hi Fi News Jan 1994 (931.9kb)
500 563 Review - What Hi-Fi Feb 1994 (1,016.9kb)
500 563 Review Audiophile Jan 1994 (1,861.9kb)
500 563 Review; Hi Fi Choice August 1994 (462.8kb)
500 563 Review; Hi Fi Choice Sept 1994 (341.7kb)
563 Review; Hi-Fi Choice February 1994 (424.6kb)
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