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565+562 combined into 1 case (well nearly)
561 - 565+562 combined in to 1 system

561M - The M revision of the 561 add the following (The original 561 can also be upgraded):

  • Digital sources are routed through a jitter reduction circuit which will provide improved sound quality

  • Meridian High Resolution (MHR) decryption for compatibility with copy protected output from 596 and 800 DVD players

  • Analogue sources are available on the Tape and Room 2 outputs as well as the headphone jack

  • Volume on these outputs is accessible with the Function Volume command from MSR

  • All digital tape sources are copied directly to the digital tape output. PCM sources are converted to analogue signals and presented on the Tape, Room 2 and headphone sockets with volume control

  • Improved display of input information

  • Documents
    561 User manual (2,232.8kb)
    561M Manual Addendum 07-11-2000 (10.2kb)
    561 Datasheet Jan 1999 (320.5kb)
    561 Diagnostic Displays (96.6kb)
    561 Quick Guide to Handset Operation (98.6kb)
    561 Quick Set Up with a PC (80.7kb)
    561 RS232 Interface v1.7 (15.8kb)
    561 Surround Controller Update (996.2kb)
    561 Transformer Modification 12-11-98 (53.5kb)
    561M Datasheet 01-12-2000 (309.7kb)
    561M Datasheet 05-02-2002 (323.3kb)
    861v2.7, 561v1.7, 568v1.5 Addendum Sheet (21.5kb)
    Install New Software on 561 from Windows (14.4kb)
    Install New Software on a 561 from DOS (10.1kb)
    Instructions Processor upgrade, Feb 2001 (26.9kb)
    News item; Hi Fi News Oct 1998 (192.8kb)
    Tape module Diagnostic Display 07-07-00 (7.8kb)
    Photos (view all)
    561 DSP board (371.4kb)
    561 Front view (150.1kb)
    561 Internal view (458.2kb)
    561 Internal view from right (315.5kb)
    561 Internal view no transformer mod. (351.5kb)
    561 Internal; Front view (337.2kb)
    561 Internal; Rear boards (341.0kb)
    561 Internal; Rear right close up (335.6kb)
    561 Internal; Side view (141.2kb)
    561 Internal; Transformer mod. (265.4kb)
    561 Internal; Transformer mod. from left (229.0kb)
    561 Rear view (208.1kb)
    561 Rear view (2) (157.4kb)
    561M Front view (104.3kb)
    561M Rear view (215.0kb)
    561M; Front detail (89.5kb)
    561M; Internal view (383.6kb)
    561M; Internal view no transfomer mod (279.7kb)
    561M; Module (313.8kb)
    561M; Module top view (367.3kb)
    Group Review: B&K, Lexicon and Meridian (link)
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