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6 Input, 55w integrated amplifier
551 User manual (422.4kb)
Using the 551 with the 565 (12.6kb)
551 Datasheet (306.6kb)
Photos (view all)
551 Front (102.1kb)
551 Front three-quarter view (179.3kb)
551 Front; panel (72.1kb)
551 Inside (399.8kb)
551 Inside amp module (332.2kb)
551 Inside pre-amp board (377.0kb)
551 Internal view (308.4kb)
551 Rear (207.9kb)
551 Review Hi-Fi News Sept 1994 (1,894.9kb)
551 Review Hi-Files Nov 2005 (Serbian) (242.0kb)
551 TNT Audio (link)
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