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Analogue surround controller - Dolby Pro-Logic Only
541 User manual (590.5kb)
515-516 Fitting Instructions (68.0kb)
News item; Gramophone Sept 1995 (148.8kb)
RS232 Control Notes (6.1kb)
Photos (view all)
541 Front (36.0kb)
541 Front (large) (173.0kb)
541 Front; display (26.5kb)
541 Front; three-quarter view (29.4kb)
541 Internal view w/out mm/mc module (2) (711.8kb)
541 Internal view without mm/mc module (763.9kb)
541 Rear (49.1kb)
541 Rear (large) (262.1kb)
541 Rear left (200.8kb)
541 Rear right (232.2kb)
541 Advert - March 1996 (439.9kb)
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