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+ Meridian Audio
 All about MeridianSales brochures, serice information, price lists, general information, and some nice pictures..... 
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 Users SystemsPictures of peoples Meridian setup's 
+ G Series
  G Series OverviewLaunched in early 2005, revised July 2008 & M & S lead pin-outs; product dimensions 
 G Series Active Rack Mounting SystemAllows rack mounting of all G Series components. 
 G01 Stereo Control Unit6 Inputs with FM/AM tuner, MM/MC phono stage optional 
 G02 Balanced Control Unit3x Balanced & 4 un-balanced inputs with optional phono stage 
 G06 24-bit CD Player24-bit 192kHz DAC for maximum analogue performance 
 G07 24-bit CD Player24-bit 192kHz DAC for maximum analogue performance 
 G08 24-bit Upsampling CD PlayerBalanced outputs, upsampling and also plays MP3 CDs 
 G12 Remote SensorG12 remote infra-red sensor 
 G1MM/MCMM or MC Module 
 G2MM/MCMM or MC Module 
 G41 Powered Crossover AmplifierEight channels of high-power amplification for 200 and 300 Series installation loudspeakers. 
 G46 DSP Speaker Control UnitDSP Speakers control unit 
 G51 100w Receiver6 Inputs with FM/AM tuner, MM/MC phono stage optional 
 G55 Power-amp5x100w (2x300w bridged) Balanced/unbalanced inputs 
 G56 Power-amp2x100w (1x300w bridged) Balanced/unbalanced inputs 
 G57 Power-amp2x200 (1x650w bridged) Balanced/unbalanced inputs 
 G61 Surround ControllerSurround sound processor, R version with room correction (smaller unit with no video switching) 
 G65 Surround ControllerSurround sound processor, SpeakerLink and Balance outputs 
 G68 Surround ControllerSurround sound processor with room correction 
 G91 DVD Controller TunerIntegral pre-amp, FM/AM tuner & simple DSP modes 
 G92 DVD Controller TunerReplacement for the G91, now using a slot loading DVD drive 
 G95 DVD Receiver SystemComplete surround sound system in a box 
 G96 DVD TransportReplacement for the G98, now using a slot loading DVD drive 
 G98 DVD Audio Transport2 Versions available DH & AH (Digital or analogue audio output) 
 MSR+ Remote ControlLearning/programmable remote control 
+ Audio Core
 AC200Audio Core 200 
+ DSP Speakers
  DSP SpeakersSystem Overview and complete range of loudspeaker User Guides, and M & S lead pin-outs, wiring digital theatre 
 D1500 Subwoofer100w, 10-inch woofer 
 D2500 Subwoofer200w, 2x10-inch woofers 
 D3200Loudspeaker stand for DSP3200 
 D600Three-way bass-reflex enclosure with built-in digital signal processing. 
 D6000Three-way design with digital inputs and digital signal processing. 
 DSP3100Two Way DSP; ported (Vertical) & Two and a half way DSP closed box (Horizontal) 
 DSP320In-Wall/Ceiling Loudspeaker 
 DSP3200Bookshelf, stand mount and wall mount compact loudspeaker 
 DSP33Two Way DSP 
 DSP3300Versatile Digital Active Loudspeaker; for horizontal and vertical applications. 
 DSP420In wall version of the DSP33 
 DSP50002.5 way design, 3 versions made 
 DSP520In-Wall DSP Speaker 
 DSP520.2 In-Wall DSP Speaker  
 DSP5200 Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP5200HC Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP55003-way, 4-driver, 4x70watts 
 DSP630In-Wall DSP Speaker  
 DSP640In-Wall DSP Speaker 
 DSP640.2 In-Wall DSP Speaker  
 DSP7000Four way DSP's 
 DSP72003.5-way acoustic reflex system 
 DSP7200 Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP7200HC Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP730In-Wall DSP Loudspeaker  
 DSP8000Flagship speaker, Four way DSP's with separate head unit 
 DSP8000 Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP8000 XEDSP8000 XE an all new model for 2021 
 DSWDSP Subwoofer 
 DSW600In-wall DSP Subwoofer. Production cancelled. 
 DSW600, 2020 version In-wall DSP Subwoofer. 
 S3100DSP3100 on S3100 stands in Black or Silver 
+ Active Speakers
 M108 Drive units looks similar to M100, but without user switchable features 
 M1500 Subwoofer100w, 10-inch woofer 
 M22way, 3 driver active speaker 
 M200 Subwoofer175W, 2x8 inch woofers  
 M2500 Subwoofer200w, 2x10-inch woofers 
 M32way active speaker 
 M30Small standmount active loudspeaker 
 M420Flush wall version of the M33's 
 M60Three-way analogue active speaker with 3x75w amps 
+ 800 Series
  800 Series Overview800 series PSU exchange and M & S lead pin-outs 
 800 CD/DVD PlayerNo longer available. v4 was final version. 
 800 Series Active Rack Mounting SystemAllows rack mounting of all 800 Series components. 
 808 CD PlayerReference CD Player and Sooloos Zone with pre-amp functions. v6 announced. 
 818 Reference Audio CoreNetwork Audio Player/Preamplifier. v3 announced 
 861 Surround Sound ProcessorNow at v8 
 880 Reference Music ServerNever made production 
 Reference 857 Power Amplifier500W per channel into four ohms and bridgeable to >1.5kW mono into 4Ω. 
 Ultra DacDedicated 384 kHz/24 bit Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter 
+ 800 Cards
  Overview General overview of cards 
 AB00DSP card with two Motorola 56002 66MHz processors. 
 C00Control computer card, original older generation card 
 CD20 & EF20Internal cards, 48-bit DSP cards each containing two Motorola 56367 chips running in dual precision mode, each card offering 300 MIPS capability. 
 CO00Control computer card, with flash memory, RS232 control, Meridian comms & 3 configurable trigger outputs. 
 DV00DVD control computer card with flash memory & RS232 control 
 DV01Video DSP card for DVD sream decoding, MPEG video, MPEG audio and Dolby Digital decoding 
 DV02DVD control computer card, with flash memory & RS232 control. 
 DV12Video DSP card for DVD stream decoding of MPEG video, MPEG audio and Dolby Digital material. Also supports DTS streams. 
 DV20MLP decoder card for DVD-Audio. 
 IA00Analogue input: 6 pairs of analogue input on RCA phono connectors (24bit/48Khz A/D conversion) 
 IA01Analogue input: 2x balanced on XLR (20bit A/D conversion) 
 IA02Analogue input: 2x balanced on XLR (IA01 required) 
 IA04Can be configured to provide up to six stereo inputs or up to two six-channel inputs 
 IA10Analogue input: 2 pairs balanced on XLR (IA00 required) 
 IA20Analogue input: 3 pairs unbalanced on RCA (IA00 required) 
 IA30Phono input moving coil: 1 pair unbalanced on RCA (IA00 required) 
 IA35Phono input moving magnet: 1 pair unbalanced on RCA (IA00 required) 
 IA40Multi-channel analogue input: 2x 6 discrete channels on RCA (48Khz A/D conversion) 
 IA45Multi-channel analogue input: 6 discrete channels on RCA (24bit/96Khz A/D conversion) 
 ID10Digital input: (IE42 or IE16 required) 
 ID12Digital input: 5x SPDIF; 2 x toslink optical; 2 x digital outputs bypass and tape/2 room 
 ID16Digital input card: 5x SPDIF, 2X Toslink optical inputs, 2x digital outputs, bypass and Tape/2-room 
 ID20Digital input: 2x coaxial, 2x toslink optical (IE42 or IE16 required) 
 ID25Digital input: 4x Toslink optical (IE42 or IE16 required) 
 ID26digital input card with; x4 Toslink optical inputs, x2 SpeakerLink inputs 
 ID28Asynchronous USB input (to 96kHz), 3x Optical Inputs, 2x SL Inputs 
 ID29Asynchronous USB input (to 192kHz), 3x Optical Inputs, 2x SL Inputs 
 ID30Digital input: 3x AES/EBU on XLR, 1x AT&T (IE42 or IE16 required) 
 ID40Sooloos endpoint card with: Ethernet port. 
 ID41Sooloos endpoint card with: Ethernet port. 
 IE16Digital Input: 5x Coaxial, 2x toslink optical, tape and bypass out 
 IE42Digital input/output: 6x SPDIF (IEC1937) coax inputs, 1x toslink optical input. Includes 150 MIPS DSP de-jittering facility and upsampling to 24bit/96kHz. 2x SP/DIF outputs. 
 IE44digital input card with; x6 coaxial digital inputs (configurable as x2 SmartLink), x2 Toslink optical inputs,x1 SpeakerLink input, x1 MMHR input 
 OA00Analogue output: 4x unbalanced on RCA (20bit/48khz D/A conversion) 
 OA00xAnalogue output: 4x balanced on XLR (22bit D/A conversion) 
 OA01Analogue output: 4x unbalanced on RCA 
 OA02Analogue output: 4x unbalanced on RCA (96kHz-capable) 
 OA03Analogue output: 4x unbalanced on RCA (192kHz-capable) 
 OA08Analogue output card with; x4 phono, 192/24 DAC 
 OA10Analogue output: 4x balanced on XLR (poss 20bit/48khz) 
 OA11Analogue output: 4x balanced on XLR 
 OA12Analogue output: 4x balanced on XLR (96kHz-capable) 
 OA13Analogue output: 4x balanced on XLR (192kHz-capable) 
 OA18Analogue output card with; x4 XLR, 192/24 DAC 
 OA20Analogue output: 2x balanced on XLR and 2x unbalanced on RCA (24bit/96khz) 
 OA23Analogue output: 2x balanced on XLR and 2x unbalanced on RCA 
 OA24Analogue output: 2x balanced on XLR and 2x unbalanced on RCA (24bit/192kHz D/A conversion) 
 OD01Digital output: 4x SPDIF on RCA 
 OD10Digital output: For DSP speakers only 
 OD12Digital output: 4x SPDIF with ultra low jitter master oscillators 
 OE12Digital Output 4x coaxial for DSP Speakers only 
 OE14Digital SpeakerLink Output card for DSP Speakers only (861 V6) 
 OE20Digital output: 2x coaxial, 2x XLR 
 OE22Digital output: 6 channel 24bit/96kHz output with MHR, plus 2 channel 24bit/96khz output with MHR. 
 OE34Multi-channel SpeakerLink digital audio output card 
 OE38Two-channel SpeakerLink digital audio output card 
 Power SupplySwitch mode and LPS 
 RF00Digital input: 1x RF RCA (Laserdisc), 1x Digital on RCA, 1x Toslink Optical 
 SL0Slave patch: 4x DIN 180 for Meridian DSP speakers only 
 SP00Poss slave patch? 
 TM00800 Backplane terminator 
 TP00Tape output: 2 pairs unbalanced on RCA, 1x headphone out 
 V00Video card: 8x composite input, main and tape output, OSD 
 V01Video card: 4x s input, main and tape output, OSD 
 V02Video card: 2x component input, only main output 
 VE00Video encoder: generates NTSC or PAL (software switchable) in composite, S-video or component formats. Features wide video bandwidth, low noise and extended black level setting. 
 VE10Video processor: 
 VE11Video processor: DVI output 
 VE12Video processor: HDMI video and 2-channel audio output, plus progressive component video out. 
 VI00Video input: A/D card with 2x composite, 2x S-Video and 1 interlaced component input. Converts analogue video inputs to digital. 
 VS00Video card: 4x composite, 4x S-video, tape and monitor 
 VS10Video card: 8x S inputs, S and composite outputs with S to C conversion 
 VS20Video card: 1 component input and output for on-screen display 
 VS30Video card: 8x S video inputs, outputs main and tape, on screen display on main 
 VS40Video card: 8x composite inputs, with tape and monitor 
 VS50Video card: 3x component inputs and 1x output on BNC 
 Z300DSP card with 1x DSP56303 80MHz processor 
 Z310DSP card: Room correction and crossover 
+ 500 Series
  500 Series OverviewSystem Reviews & System connecting leads (pin-outs) & M & S lead pin-outs 
 500 CD TransportCD Transport with coax & optical digital outputs 
 501 Pre-amp6 Inputs with optional MM/MC phono stages 
 502 Balanced pre-ampDual mono construction with 3 balanced and 4 standard inputs 
 504 FM TunerFM Tuner, 30 station pre-sets, with dual-gate MOSFET input 
 505 Monoblock Power-amp160watt Mono power amplifier (gain matched to 557) 
 506 CD PlayerSingle Ended Output (16, 20 or 24-bit versions) 
 507 CD PlayerSingle Ended Output (24bit/192Khz Dac) 
 508 CD PlayerBalanced outputs (20-bit or 24-bit versions) 
 509 Remote ControllerMeridian system remote 
 511 DSP Patch panelComms patch panel for DSP speakers in a theatre system 
 512 Remote extender512 remote infra-red sensor 
 513 MHR BoxSplit out 15pin MHR connector to 3x RCA 
 515 MC Phono boardAdds MC phono input to 501, 541 and 562 
 516 MM Phono boardAdds MM phono input to 501, 541 and 562 
 517 DAC BoardAdds analogue output to a 562 
 518 DSPDigital audio processor - de-jitter/digital pre-amp 
 519 RF AC3 demodulatorRF Demodulator for laser disc players 
 525 MC Phono boardAdds MC Phono input to 502 
 526 MM Phono boardAdds MM Phono input to 502 
 541 Analogue ProcessorAnalogue surround controller - Dolby Pro-Logic Only 
 551 Integrated amp6 Input, 55w integrated amplifier 
 555 Power-amp65w Stereo power amplifier 
 556 Power-amp100w Stereo power amplifier 
 557 Power-amp200w Stereo power amplifier 
 558 Power-amp200w 5 Channel power amplifier 
 559 Power-amp300w Stereo Power Amplifier 
 561 Surround processor565+562 combined into 1 case (well nearly) 
 562 Digital controllerAnalogue to digital converter/controller 
 563 DAC16bit DAC with 3x coaxial & 1x toslink optical inputs (No remote or comms connection) 
 564 DAB/FM TunerDAB/FM Tuner - never made production, only a prototype 
 565 Surround ProcessorDigital Surround Sound Processor 
 566 DACBalanced outputs (20bit or 24bit versions) 
 568 Surround ProcessorDigital Surround Sound Processor 
 581 Video controllerListed in 1998 brochure, never made production 
 586 DVD PlayerFirst DVD player based on a Toshiba design 
 588 CD PlayerROM drive based for precise recovery of data, Multiple buffer stages to give astonishingly low jitter. Error correction ten times more effective using ROM system 
 596 DVD PlayerDVD Player (3 versions available) 
 598 DVD TransportCD/DVD/DVD-Audio Transport (6 versions available) 
 MSR and MSR4Meridian system remote 
+ 600 Series
  600 Series Overview 
 601 DSP Pre-ampDSP Pre-amp with analogue & digital, inputs & outputs 
 601 Remote ControllerSupplied with 601 Pre-amplifier 
 602 CD TransportCD Transport with coax & optical digital outputs 
 603 Pre-ampPre-amp with analogue & digital inputs, balanced outputs 
 604 FM TunerFM Tuner with analogue & digital outputs (yes it has a built-in ADC) 
 605 Monoblock Power-amp150w Mono power amplifier 
 606 DAC16bit Digital to analogue converter 
 607 ADCAnalogue to digital converter 
 609 Remote ControllerLike the 209 remote except in Black (also in white) 
 618 DSP ProcessorDSP Processor: pro version of 518/601 
+ 300 Series
  300 Series Overview 
+ 200 Series
  200 Series OverviewComplete 200 series brochure showing multi-room systems & System connecting leads (pin-outs), 200 System review 
 200 CD Transport 
 201 Pre-amp 
 203 DACLong standing Dac, 2 versions over time 
 204 Tuner/TimerFM Tuner with 18 station pre-sets 
 205 Power-amp100W Mono power amplifier 
 206 CD Player 
 207 CD Pre-amp 
 208 CD Pre-amp 
 209 Remote control 
 210 Pre-amplifier ModuleModule to control a two room system. 
 211 Volume ModuleVolume module for 222 
 212 Remote SensorAllows control of components that are out of sight. 
 213 Remote Display Sensor212 with comms and display 
 214 ModuleBuffer for 223 
 215 Phono modulePhono module; moving coil, moving magnet. 
 219 Pre-amplifier Module 
 220 Wall Panel 
 221 Wall Display PanelA wall mounted key-pad with styling similar to the 200 series fascias 
 222 Control Box 
 223 Power Box 
 224 Star JunctionUsed to connect cables feeding different zones. 
 225 Junction Box 
 226 Remote Amplifier30W amplifier provides power to non-active speaker systems in remote zones 
 232 TranslatorAllows non Meridian sources to be controlled by the Meridian Multiroom Handset 
 263 DACDelta Sigma Crystal Dac 
+ 100 Series
  100 Series Overview100 Series, Brochures and Re-review 
 101 Pre-amplifierPre-amplifier with MC phono input 
 102 Pre-ampStand-alone MC step-up (only every a prototype) 
 103 Power-amplifier45W Power amplifier (2 box - separate power supply) 
 103.5 Power-SupplySingle power supply for 103 power amplifier (twin 103.5 power supplies designated 103D with 103 power amplifier) 
 103D Power-amplifier45W Power amplifier (3 box - twin power supplies) 
 104 TunerFM Tuner with 6 station pre-sets 
 105 Power-Amplifier100W mono amplifier 
 107 Power-amplifier150W Re-badged Orpheus - very rare, as only 9 ever built 
+ Component
  Series OverviewAmerican brochure illustrating and describing briefly the modular control system, active loudspeakers, M2 and (M3 in white!). 
 MCD CD Player425 in 1986 
 MCD Pro CD Player675 in 1986 
 MFM TunerFM only, 6 presets, digital display ?359 in 1986 
 MLP/MCA Pre/power-ampModular Pre/power-amp 
 MPA Power-ampPower-amp 70w (200w bridged) 
+ Passive Speakers
 A5003 way floor standing closed box loudspeaker 
 Argent A1Two drive units, sealed enclosure, bi-wired design 
 Argent A2Two drive units base reflex design. 
 Argent A3A floor standing four unit design; three way 
 P16 Wall MountWall loudspeaker KEF Custom Series CR200 
+ Custom Series
 C50 10 Channel power-amp100W into 8Ω or 160W into 4Ω. 
 C51 Active x-over/amp 
 C52 Active subwoofer controllerDual controller designed to drive Meridian SW320 subwoofers 
 C59 5 Channel power-amp200W into 8Ω or 360W into 4Ω, not released yet but referred to in the C50 user manual. 
 C61 Surround ProcessorRackmount G61 (Latest R version includes room correction) 
 P16 On wall speakers2-way Coincident-source on-wall speaker 
 P200Z2-way in-ceiling/wall unit with built-in passive crossover 
 P3202-way in-wall/ceiling unit with built-in high-order crossover 
 P3302-way in-wall unit with auxiliary bass radiator & built-in high-order crossover 
 P3502-way in-wall unit with dual bass drivers and ABRs, and built-in high-order crossover 
 S300A Active subwoofer controllerIntroduced 2006 
 SW32010-inch In wall sub 
+ Other Items
 210 Streamer 
 218 Zone ControllerProvides IP control, Meridian Sooloos Control, IR and Digital Active Loudspeaker control. 
 258 Eight Channel Power Amplifier 
 271 Digital Theatre ControllerThe 271 Digital Theatre Controller integrates Meridian DSP loudspeakers into a theatre that would otherwise be unable to access Meridian’s sound 
 AC11Meridian Component Interlink Hub 
 AC12Interface for the latest Meridian processors fitted with SpeakerLink to older DSP Loudspeakers 
 Active loudspeaker cableBy Van den Hul 
 AD88Same as the F80 but linked with Alfred Dunhill 
 Analogue Interconnect Cable 
 C5 LeadFor connecting 500 and 800 Series equipment to allow communication and control between each item 
 CD5 LeadCommunication cable for use between 500 series and 200 series components 
 D5 LeadD5 lead for connecting between the 512 remote extender and DSP33 
 DirectorDigital to Analogue Converter 
 Distributor 1Designed to integrate your distributed audio sources and your control system with a pair of DSP Loudspeakers. This product is designed for a single zone application. 
 Distributor 3Distributor 3 
 ExplorerPortable, compact and rugged USB DAC 
 Explorer2Portable, compact and rugged USB DAC 
 HD621HDMI Audio Processor 
 HDMAX 121 HDMI Extender 
 HDMAX 421 SwitchHDMI Switch, See also HDMAX 121 
 I AdapterFor use with an M lead and 603 Pre-amplifier 
 i80, i88 and i80pIpod dock (i80) for F80 Price of 195 
 Inter-Component Communications CableFor fabrication of 5C leads. 
 K LeadCommunication cable for use between D600 Loudspeakers in multichannel applications 
 M LeadComposite system cable for D600 Loudspeakers 
 M5 LeadM5 Master lead 
 M80Compact Entertainment System 
 Meridian CDRA CDR essentially for professional use with 600 Series 
 Meridian Digital Speaker CableProvides audio signal and communication 
 Meridian In Wall SpeakerLinkRound speakerlink cable provides the solution to running speakerlink in-walls. 
 Meridian Installation SpeakerLinkRound SpeakerLink cable for installation 
 Meridian SpeakerLinkA CAT5 STP flat profile cable 
 Mini Precision Digital Coaxial Cable 
 MPMAX 221221 Media Player Digital Link 
 MSR2 Remote ControlThe MSR2 is a handheld remote control for Meridian products which includes an infrared receiver 
 MV-D1 iPod HD Video Dock 
 Network CableCatxx Network cables 
 Prime Headphone AmplifierReference Quality Analogue Headphone Amplifier 
 S5 LeadSlave lead 
 Slave Y Lead (SY lead)This lead is used for the expansion of comms when using Meridian DSP subwoofers in a Meridian digital home theatre system. 
 SP5 AdapterThe SP5 adapter allows an M5 lead to connect to 200 series products 
 UHD722 HDMI ProcessorThe UHD722 supports UHD (Ultra High Definition), HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) video. 
+ Projectors
 810 Ref Video System D-ILA 
+ Video Processors
 810 ScalerReference Video Scaler 
 DVP10801080p Video Processor 
 DVP2351Entry level Video Processor 
+ Sooloos
  Sooloos Overviewinc 2009 price list 
 Control:Control interface for selection CD covers 
 Ensemble:Both storage and audio playback in a single box. 
 Import:Single or four drive disk rippers 
 Media Core 200Core with single zone (analogue/digital & SL) with fixed 500Gb disk 
 Media Core 600Core with 6 Zones (Analogue/Digital & SL) & 2x Storage disks 
 Media Drive 600Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System Storage 
 Media Source 200Meridian Sooloos Single-Zone Source  
 Media Source 600Meridian Sooloos Single-Zone Source 
 Source:Source:One for Single channel (Both S/PDIF & RCA Analog outputs)
Source:Five for Five Analogue channels (one with S/PDIF also)
 Storage:Data Storage 
+ Car Entertainment Systems
 Jaguar C-X17DSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar C-X17 
 Jaguar C-X17CDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar C-X17C 
 Jaguar F-TypeDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar F-Type 
 Jaguar F-Type CoupeDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar F-Type Coupe 
 Jaguar XFDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar XF 
 Jaguar XJDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar XJ  
 Jaguar XJ UltimateDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar XJ Ultimate 
 Land Rover Freelander 2DSP-based Digital Active audio systems for the Freelander 2 
 McLaren MP4-12CDSP-based Digital Active audio system for the McLaren MP4-12C 
 Range RoverDSP-based Digital Active audio systems for the Range Rover 
 Range Rover EvoqueDSP-based Digital Active audio systems for the Range Rover Evoque 
 Range Rover SportDSP-based Digital Active audio systems for the Range Rover Sport 
 All about MQA 
 Support Documents 

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