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6 Inputs with optional MM/MC phono stages
3 Versions of this Pre-amp:-

501 - Original

501.2 - Not sure what was changed with this revision

501v - Included built in video switching
501 & 501v User manual (514.0kb)
501 Datasheet (166.0kb)
Fitting phono module to 501 (114.7kb)
RS232 Control Notes (6.3kb)
Photos (view all)
501 Front view (41.2kb)
501 Front view - large (92.9kb)
501 Rear view (135.2kb)
501v Front view (112.5kb)
501v Rear view (109.7kb)
Internal view with 516 fitted (297.0kb)
Internal view with 516 fitted (close up) (359.6kb)
Internal view; 516 removed no jumpers (266.9kb)
Internal view; 516 removed jumpers (300.1kb)
501 & 555 Review; Hi-Fi Choice Aug 1995 (990.3kb)
501 & 555 Review; Hi-Fi Choice July 1994 (291.2kb)
Review; 501.2 & 556 Hi Fi World Nov 1999 (580.0kb)
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